WikiBhasha Beta - Terms of Use

Last updated: 21th October 2010

The WikiBhasha beta is a tool that helps a community of users in creating multilingual content on Wikipedia. This Terms of Use sometimes refers to WikiBhasha beta as “Tool”.

The tool enables a contributor of Wikipedia to search/source content from other Wikipedia articles, translate/correct the sourced content, and organize the sourced content and new information to either compose new articles or to enhance existing articles in multilingual Wikipedias.
  • Wikibhasha beta has been contributed as open source project into MediaWiki under Apache 2.0 (the Javascript code) and GPL V2 (the PHP code) licenses. The source code is in
  • The same Tool source code is hosted on Microsoft’s site to enable users to download, install and use the software, and is governed by the same licenses as the MediaWiki Contribution.
  • Wikipedia content created by the contributors are submitted back to the appropriate language Wikipedia. The contribution to Wikimedia is governed under WikiMedia Foundation Terms of Use.
  • Default translations are provided by the Microsoft Translator services and no data is captured during this process.
  • Any changes a user makes through the Collaborative Translation Framework (CTF) pop-up box are captured in a cloud-based service, and made available to all other users of WikiBhasha. Microsoft gets to use this data as provided in Microsoft Translator and CTF Terms of Use. In addition, Microsoft commits to providing this data to the website that generated it (in this case, Wikimedia Foundation).
  • The discussion forums for the WikiBhasha beta tool are hosted on Microsoft Research Community Site. The Terms of Use for the forums are provided in
  • Finally, WikiBhasha does not require login. No Personally Identifiable Information is captured by the WikiBhasha beta tool (even if the user is logged into Wikipedia).

In addition, the website is governed by the WikiBhasha Website Terms of Use.

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